Olivia Janae

While new to publishing, Olivia Janae is not new to writing. It has been her favorite pastime since she was young.

As a child growing up in California, it was always her dream to one day see her name on the cover of a book.

Olivia now lives in the Midwest with her classical musician wife, three cats and, soon, a baby will make six.

Outside of her love of writing, Olivia is an avid movie buff with an obsessive love of cooking, candy making, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

The Loudest Silence

Kate, an up and coming cellist, is new to Chicago and the ‘Windy City Chamber Ensemble’. During her first rehearsal, she is surprised and intrigued to meet Vivian Kensington, the formidable by reputation board president who also happens to be…deaf.

As Kate treads the waters of a rocky relationship with the young and foolhardy Ash, she develops a tentative friendship with her cold-hearted boss. As she does, she finds a kindness and a warmth that she never expected.

As their friendship grows into something more, Kate wonders, is Ash really who she wants? Or is Vivian who she desires? Is it possible for two women, one from a world of sound and one a world of silence, to truly understand one another?

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Shades of Blue

Kate and Vivian are both anxious to put their recent disagreement in the past. As they settle into their happy routine again, they are excited for the coming holidays with each other and Max.

When Vivian’s mother, the head of J. C. Kensington Foundation, pulls Kate aside after Thanksgiving and offers her a gift she never knew existed, Kate’s spirits soar.

However, it’s not long before Kate learns that perhaps Jacqueline can’t always be trusted.
With allegiances torn, Kate must decide. Will she fight for the love she had been completely unprepared for? Or will she give in and let these lonely shades of blue overtake her?

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Connect with Olivia Janae

Read. No, seriously, read. Everyone says that but it matters. Read the work of your peers, read the work of people you admire. Read the ‘bad’ stuff, read the best, and read the most popular. There is something to be learned from all of those things. Writing is not just creativity, it’s also a formula. 

Olivia Janae
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